2007 Pennsylvania Golden Gloves
State Travel Team of Champions:
Chattanooga, Tennessee
April 29th thru May 6th


112-Qa'id Muhammad-Atlantic City Pal
119-Shawn Manning-Fraziers Gym-Philadelphia
125-Luis Esquillin-Rumblers Gym-Philadelphia
132-Anthony Flores-Rumblers Gym-Philadelphia
141-Tahree Carroll-Mitch Allen Gym-Philadelphia
152-Jesse Lubash-South Park Gym-Pittsburgh
165-Jesse Hart-M.L.King Center-Philadelphia
178-Jim Lubash-South Park Gym-Pittsburgh
201-Anthony Tettis-Ridgway Gym-Ridgway
Shv-Pedro Martinez-Joe Hand Gym-Philadelphia

Delegate, Frank Cariello, Hamilton-Team Manager/Official, Bernard Bruni, New Boston-Tournament Director, Tony Wolfe-Camp Hill,
Head Coach, Barry Stumpf-Lancaster-Coach, Kenny Mason-Philadelphia-Coach, Jim Cvetic-Pittsburgh-
Officials, Gloria Sztukowski-Pittsburgh
Joyce & Jim Ludwig-Philipsburg, Don Scott, Pittsburgh,

Coaches in attendance:

Abdur Muhammad-Atlantic City Pal
Tommy Barnes-Joe Hand Gym
Tony Hicks-Fraziers Gym
Bob Healy-South Park Gym
Ralph Tettis-Ridgway Gym

Bernard Bruni-Executive Director-Frank Cariello-Delegate and
Tournament Director Tony Wolfe .

201-Champion Anthony Tettis Coach, Barry Stumpf -Coach Ralph Tettis

Bernard Bruni poses with the Lubash Brothers-152 Jesse and 178 Jimmy.



Coach Barry Stumpf, Coach Kenny Mason Silver Medalist Tahree Carroll

The Pennsylvania team cheers for their team mates, at the arena in Chattanooga.


State Athletic Commissioner Andy DePaulo is inducted into the PA Golden Gloves Hall of Fame

Coaches Jim Cvetic and Bob Healy work with 152 pound South Park boxer-Jesse Lubash



Silver Medalist Qa'id Muhammad 112 pounder and his coach father Abdur at ringside

2008 Past Champions

For further information contact:
Executive Director-Bernard Bruni-570-773-3966-bruno66@ptd.net

Tournament Director-Tony Wolfe-717-379-4595

President-Frank Cariello-800-869-1376-palmland@bellsouth.net

1305 Well Drive-Camp Hill, PA 17011

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