Anthony (Tony) C. Wolfe, Sr.




Over 26 Dedicated Years

as a

World Class Referee and Judge

Anthony (Tony) C. Wolfe, Sr.


NAME: Anthony (Tony) C. Wolfe, Sr. 


BIRTHDATE: June 20, 1930

BIRTHPLACE: Norristown , Pennsylvania


Tony was born to Italian immigrant parents and raised by his wonderful mother, Emily Tuzzi.  In 1935, his mother married Harvey Wolfe and in 1936 they moved to Lebanon , Pennsylvania .  He attended Washington Grade School , Harding Jr. High School and in 1948 he graduated with High Honors as an Academic Student from Lebanon High School .  During his years in High School, he played basketball and baseball.  Tony's love for boxing started at age 15, turning Professional at the young age 16.  After graduating High School, he joined the Pennsylvania National Guards where he continued to box, play basketball, and baseball.  He was active in the Pennsylvania National Guards from 1948 until 1956.  Tony attended ICS International Correspondence School for four years while working full time for Sordoni Line Construction. During that time he also pursued numerous correspondence courses with the Electrical Unions.  

In 1952 Tony moved to Harrisburg , Pennsylvania and was employed by Pennsylvania Power & Light (PP&L) as a Lineman. With his dedication and hard work Tony was promoted to System Operator in 1967, Area Foreman of Carlisle in 1974, and in 1986 he was promoted and assumed responsibility of the Harrisburg/Hershey Line Sections.  He retired in 1995 after 43 Years of Outstanding Dedicated Service.

In 1958, Tony married the beautiful Shirley D. Henry and they have been married for 47 years with two children, son, Tony, Jr. and his wife Alise; daughter, Marilyn and her husband Michael Mackavage; one granddaughter, Mikelyn Mackavage and two grandsons, Mike and Alex Mackavage. 

Although, the legal age to fight professionally was 18, Tony turned Professional at age 16 in 1946 and continued his career until 1953. In that time he had 48 Professional Fights against some of the best fighters in the world and over 100 exhibition fights. Tony has been involved in boxing most of his life, starting in the 1970's and continuing to the present, Tony's love and dedication to the sport of boxing has involved numerous roles (see below) including 26 years as a world class referee and judge appearing on National and European T.V. 



26 Years of Dedicated Service

Professional Boxing Referee and Judge


President of the Middle Atlantic Association of USA Boxing since 1999 thru Present


National Collegiate Boxing Association - Present


Head Clinician for Teaching and Training College Officials - Present


Tournament Director for All College Boxing 1986 thru Present


Chief of Officials for the Middle Atlantic Association of USA Boxing 1986 thru 2001


Attended the past 28 Regional and National Tournaments


Services on numerous National Committees for Rules, Regulations and

Registration of Officials


Head Clinician for Teaching and Training USA Officials 1986 thru Present


Attended Train-the-Trainer in Colorado Springs


Tournament Director & Team Manager for Several

USA Teams vs. Various Foreign Countries


Pennsylvania Golden Gloves


Pennsylvania Golden Gloves Tournament Director and Team Manger


Pennsylvania Golden Gloves Boxing Administer and Official 1975 thru 1984


Pennsylvania Golden Gloves Vice President 1991 thru Present


Pennsylvania Golden Gloves Tournament Director 1984 thru Present


Pennsylvania Golden Gloves Team Manager

National Golden Gloves 1984 thru Present


Pennsylvania Golden Gloves Team Official

National Golden Gloves 1981-thru Present


Pennsylvania Golden Gloves Organizer “Summer Championships”

1994 thru Present


Pennsylvania Golden Gloves Team Manager, Official, Junior Champions

National Jr. Golden Gloves 2002 thru Present



The Honorable Stephen R. Reed, Mayor of Harrisburg , Pennsylvania ,

Issued a Proclamation

Declaring Sunday, January 12, 1992

As Tony Wolfe Day in Harrisburg , Pennsylvania

For his Outstanding Dedication to the Boxing Community

Pennsylvania Golden Gloves Hall of Fame – 1994

Middle Atlantic Association, USA Boxing, Inc. Hall of Fame – 1994

Pennsylvania Sports All of Fame, Capitol Area Chapter – 1999

Outstanding Referee Award, National Golden Gloves – 1989

Service Award, USA Boxing, Inc., Olympics Games Atlantic , GA – 1996

Eastern Collegiate Boxing Association, Outstanding Service Award – 1997

National Collegiate Boxing Association 25 Years Continuous Service Award as

Chief of Officials – 2004


Most Efficient Official for College Boxing, Kansas City Mo

Outstanding Judges Award National Golden Gloves – 2005

Penn State Dedication Award, Middle Atlantic Association, USA Boxing, Inc.

In addition, Tony has won and received countless other

Individual Plaques and Awards ~