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About PA Golden Gloves

Who We are

For 40 years, Pennsylvania Golden Gloves has been helping young athletes build confidence and leadership skills through the sport of boxing. As part of the National Golden Gloves organization consisting of nonprofit organizations nationwide, they’ve pioneered an Olympic Development program that empowers youth—both male and female boxers alike– to be strong role models in their community by cultivating a sense resilience, self-respect and sportsmanship. This non-profit organization is committed to providing these positives experiences for both men and women boxers alike.

What We Provide

Throughout the decades, Golden Gloves has provided a platform for young individuals to test their strength and overcome obstacles. Not only is it a place of personal growth but also an inspiring breeding ground for cooperation and unity between different cultures – something that our world could benefit from in greater measure today amidst questions about racial equality. In boxing rings around the nation we are seeing invaluable lessons being taught: discipline, humility…and ultimately respect – ending each match with either outstretched hands or warm embraces.

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